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UV To begin, tell our subscribers about Zobe Carr and especially about the concept of "Melanin is winning". How did you develop it and what is the  message you want to get to all as you eloquently expressed in "E.moting O.ut L.oud" and the All About the Benjamins freestyle.

ZOBE Zobe Carr is the fearless side of me. I used to be shy to perform or sing lead, because I did not know how anyone would feel about a small kid  with a matured singing voice. I had texture, tone, and an ear in music, a lot of which people did not have. I felt my gifts would offend someone. I came up with "Melanin Is Winning" after a family member we all call  "Nanna" passed. Her saying when she greeted you was, "Hey baby!" Thats how I wrote the song. She was loving and made sure you were taken care of under her hospitality. She helped ypu out of every and any sistuation. She was  the neighborhood government official. Everyone loved her just for her unconditional love, and the wisdom of unity she had inside of her. During the years of 2014-2015 there has been a black lives matter movement going  on due to unlawful killing of blacks by police. I wanted to send a message that our colored skin wins, which is why they have to shoot us down to control us. We offend them because we do not need them. We are united under  one God. We all share the colors of God, which is the melanin is all of us. I need this message to hit the radio and become an even bigger movement than black lives matter. My main message is, we all have a lion in us, and  we all have the ability to love and unite for greater accomplishments; you pat my back, I will pat yours!

UV Who are some of your influences in the world of music?

ZOBE My first influence has always been from a Gospel side of music with Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond, or sometimes Donnie McClurkin. Then to the  R&B/Soul/Jazz/HipHop I have to start with Kelly Price, R. Kelly, Deborah Cox, Queen Latifa, Stephanie Mills, India Irie, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, and Tu Pac. The most influenced artists on my music are Kelly Price, Queen  Latifa, Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill.

UV In your song "NYC Sweepers", we can hear a clear Caribbean influence, where does that come from?

ZOBE My father is from Antigua ans Barbuda. I have come in contact with my innerself and roots over the years. I had decided to incorporate it into my  music.

UV When a young male or female artist thinks of Zobe Carr, what impression do you want to press upon them?

ZOBE I want the big sister impression, or as we say today the "bro" effect, whether you are female or male. I want them to feel peace and unity, that I  am understanding to life situations, and make real life music. As well as being a dope artist, I expect an impression of me being their sister that will always drop some knowledge in the form of music. I want them to feel  equal to me because Melanin Is Winning.

UV Indie Artist and Entrepreneur...how do you balance the two?

ZOBE It is a hard balance, but my ambition allows me to conquer and  finesse. Whwn I am not putting together and event to expose my brand I am on the stage or in the studio. I do what I love, and when you love your job you will always put 110% into it and succeed every time. I want to not have  to work for another company but my own. Therefore, the balance has to begin somewhere if I want to be major right?

UV Finally, who are some of your favorite producers that you would love to work with?

ZOBE I would love to work with Jazzy Phae, Pharel, Kanye, Timberland, Jermaine Dupree, and of course P. Diddy.


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