What you see is what you get.


UV Congratulations on the release of your latest project, "The Glow Up" available now at tiffanydenisenow.com. Primarily, who are some musical influences of yours no matter the genre and do you write all your material or do you collaborate with a team of writers?

TD Thank you! i really appreciate that. My musical influences are Anita Baker, Bob Marley, Sade, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timbaland they could do no wrong in my eyes lol. I do write all of my materials and whenever i do have a feature on a song we both work on it evenly i let them have their creative freedom.


UV Some of your music seems somewhat based on relationships between men and women with songs like "Fool 4 You" and "Feels 2 Good", how much of that do you draw from as far as real life experiences and how much is just art imitating life?

TD Any song that i write will come from a real place, Whether its about a situation a friend of mine was in or myself. I feel like music is suppose to make you feel something. It should connect with you be somewhat like your journal. Fool 4 You and Feels 2 Good are about a "situationship" that I was dealing with for 2 years.


UV What do you offer a live audience watching you perform that they cannot get from just listening to your music at home?

TD Performing live is honestly the most liberating feeling to me. Its a natural high! If you ever watch me perform you will see a high energy performance. Its impossible for me to keep still lol I love to get the crowd going and make sure they are having a good time.


UV What is different about Tiffany Denise as an artist?

TD I feel like Tiffany Denise is real. What you see is what you get with Tiffany Denise. I can't put on a costume for the public some phony persona and when I'm done go back to normal.Im not afraid to explore different sounds and blend genres. I love to take risks and see how far i can go. I wanna be some one who can influence the right things.. So i guess thats how you can say I'm different lol.


UV Name three artist of any genre that you would love to collaborate with?

TD Three artist i would love to collaborate with would have to be Missy Elliot, J cole and Miss Erykah Badu


UVTell us why we should all download "The Glow Up" and support Tiffany Denise.

TD You should all download "The Glow Up" because you should spread love its the Brooklyn way lol and i would love for you guys to hear what i been working hard on! Support your indie artist help them show the younger generation that dreams are possible!


Welcome To The Glow Up