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Tommi has always been involved in the arts. From the tender age of nine, he was drawing, singing, drumming and even playing around on the piano. But he soon found out that he was meant for all of this. Tommi wrote his first song in the fifth grade entitled “Supernatural” and it was about his childhood crush. I know, kind of cheesy but it was worth a shot. A few years down the road, Tommi really started putting more emotion into his lyrics. Now writing various poems about pain and loneliness, entitling them to the “Lost Souls & Emo Lovaz”, he was also in a dark place. From losing family members left and right there was only so much he can do to get his mind off of those things. He then turned to writing. And one day changed everything. After having a writing session with his brother and sister, they helped Tommi shape his poems into raps and taught him to be a conscious rapper because of everything he was going through. He’s been making music ever since and has various mixtapes that were never released entitled “Based On A Tru Story”, “My Daily Truthz”, “The Untitled Truth”, “A Truth Unspoken” and “The 2nd Coming”.

Following the release of “A Tru State Of Mind Vol.2: The Last Tru Standing”, Tommi has been hard at work recording and doing shows around NYC. A fresh new year ahead and he’s back at it with the conclusion of the series he’s been proud to say that has been very therapeutic. “Better Living and Good Ends” will show Tommi at his most vulnerable. He did something different this time around. With only 12 songs selected specifically for this project, he chose to take a risk and keep every song warm but personal. You can say he shows more of his sweet side. “I felt like it was time for a change and I should show my maturity as a person. I lost a decent amount of weight and changed up my eating habits and I also wanted to show more of my happy side instead of that angry/bitter Tommi that everyone is so comfortable with”. The growth and change in attitude is felt throughout the mixtape. On February 13, 2014, Tommi actually performed a new song from the mixtape at The Studio at Webster Hall entitled “Shot Glass”. A record about self reflection and the audience felt the words and music as he let himself go into the music. This mixtape will be short but to the point. Tommi is also working on his first solo singing project entitled “Crooner Chronicles” which doesn’t have a release date at this time. He has also premiered the name of his debut album “A Tru Overdose On Reality”, which he hopes to start working on very soon. Stay tuned truth seekers, “A Tru State Of Mind Vol.3: Better Living & Good Ends” is slated for a summer release.

Tru State of Mind Vol. 3: Better Living and Good Ends

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