The service we provide is as an online music store for music lovers worldwide. Without binding contracts, we offer to sell original recordings of musicians of all genres on our website. Artist receive 100% of their digital sales. Streaming to be offered soon as well.

Through a partnership with, we will launch Underverse radio, which will be a series of weekly internet shows that will promote and play the songs of the artists that we feature on our website. Royalties can be recouped if the artist has an affiliation with a Performing Rights Organization such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

We will also offer our own brand of social networking through UVSOCIAL. Here, members and artists can interact and network in real time as they build a following and increase their hits to their own website. They will also have the ability to post their music videos, pictures and a list of upcoming performances.

So, how do you the artist get paid? You can sell your music on Underverse. If you have a significant fan base on UV Social, you will be selected to perform at our Underverse showcase. Performers are paid $100 and up! No tickets selling! Just show up and perform. Lastly, if you are registered with BMI, SESAC or ASCAP, you can and will receive royalties when we place your music in rotation. So that is THREE forms of revenue streams for you...the indy artist.