Cgi Ftp Hosting: CGI refers for Common Gateway Interface. In simple words CGI is explained as a scripting program that moves on the server and executes user’s instructions that he issues through his web browser by means of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The CGI program receives the instructions, and then, as per the instructions given to it or as how it is programmed, it uses to check the user ID and password followed by executing the instructions.

One can easily look out the companies offering CGI FTP Hosting facilities while searching the net. The free CGI FTP Hosting sounds very attractive, until the user comes across with its limitations. To illustrate better just take an example that a user wants a server with CGI scripts to transfer his FTP files, and for that opted for proposed free web space or bandwidth. In the beginning if a user did not enquire about the extent of free web space and just accept the offer, then later on he will realize that he has been trapped into reading long irritating advertisements, allowing spy ware and pop-ups in exchange for irregular transfer of his files.

So it is essential to get the proper enquiries about the background of the hosting company before sharing any valuable confidential information with it. Many times the objective of the hosts is even not fair , as it can also happen that they may have just entered the trade and are trying to learn at one’s expense, and may ran away if things don’t go well. How. If this happens the user will unnecessarily part with his confidential data. So it is important for the user to get all the required informations such as their telephone numbers (which should preferably be toll free) as well as some reference so as to cross-check the quality and authenticity of their service. User should also confirm the experience of the company in the trade and also its customer support. User should also get to know that whether they allow him to purchase his own software or force him to purchase it from them at their rates.
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