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November 2013 Chris Slaughter has a way with words
December 2013 These femcees Get It In!

The service we provide is as an online music store for music lovers worldwide. Without binding contracts, we offer to sell original recordings of musicians of all genres on our website.

Our CREATE YOUR OWN ALBUM feature is unique to our website alone and we expect it to increase revenue for artists by allowing customers to make their own album out of several recordings that will be offered by each recording artist.


events-headerroktabs-events-imageUnderverse provides shows for our artists. These showcases will be held on a monthly basis and Underverse will PAY all performers. No selling of tickets to perform or anything like that. Our mission is to bring you the best live music the underground has to offer. All genres will be on display so there will be something for all to enjoy.

Create your UV SOCIAL page for show updates and join our mailing list simply by clicking the "envelope" icon on our home page or under the JOIN US tab. Tickets will be pre-sold here on our site, it will always be more at the door so get your tickets in advance!



The Underverse is always growing, we'll give you the latest updates on what we think, believe, and what we think needs to be heard!

Check out our Editorial Page to get insight in the industry and discuss daily events that shake our musical world.

Contributions come from a multitude of perspectives, ranging from those working in the industry, to those still trying to break it in big.


Supporters who become members of will get access to exclusive music, prizes and free Underverse merchandise.

Set up your member or artist profile now and check out the Underverse on our social media links below!

und-facebook und-twitter und-soundcloud und-newsletters


UnderVerseLLC The Google modular cell phone...will it be a game changer?
UnderVerseLLC order to win a war, you must first start one.
UnderVerseLLC Don't let your head swell from impressing those who are easily impressed.
UnderVerseLLC "Time is Illmatic", a film about @Nas will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival! Don't miss it!
UnderVerseLLC @ryanleslie Thanks for coming out to FTC tonight and inspiring us all! #BlackMozart